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Meet the New Avaya Partner ACS

New Digital Phones, New Control Unit, Same Partner ACS Experience

The all new Partner ACS delivers surprisingly sophisticated capabilities every small and growing business needs to give itself and edge in today's highly competitive environment.



Why Partner ACS?

1. Easy Setup
Your probably asking yourself "Can I install it myself".

Sure you can. We have sold thousands of systems to small and medium businesses just like yours . With our phone-assisted support we can help you with any technical issue you may have installing your system.

2. Easy to Use
Powerful features that are easy to use.

PARTNER ACS delivers surprisingly sophisticated capabilities every small and growing business needs and it does it all with a simplicity that busy small businesses have appreciated for decades.

3. Reliable

Avaya's legacy of dependability lives on.

Avaya's lineage dates back to legendary Bell Labs. Systems designed by Bell Labs in the 80's are still in service today. Partner ACS continues Avaya's legendary history of reliable business phone systems.

4. Affordable
Priced affordably without sacrificing power.

Small and emerging businesses are very cost conscious. Partner ACS is affordably priced without sacrificing the features and abilities found in phone systems costing hundreds, if not thousands more.

The New Partner ACS Control Unit

The new Partner ACS is the "Partner ACS experience', overlaid on an IP Office 500 V2 chassis. It is now rack or wall mountable.

New Partner Version Key Features

In addition to all the Partner ACS features available with R8. The New Partner Version brings advanced features that will lower your cost of ownership and increase your productivity.

PRI/T1 or SIP Trunk Capability

Supports full PRI and T1 trunking. SIP Trunking is a new VoIP technology that helps lower your cost of ownership.

Embedded Voice Mail

Tne new PARTNER ACS version includes Embedded Voice Mail; providing a 2-port Automated Attendant (upgradeable to 6-ports) and voice mail coverage activated for all telephones.

64-Party Conferencing

When utilizing digital trunks like PRI/T1 or SIP. Partner Version allows you to setup conferencing with a maximum of 64 participants.

Mobile Tweening

A user need only give out their office phone number to clients, and the IP Office Mobile Twinning will ring their mobile/cell phone as well as the desk extension.

Visual Voice and Email Notification

Visual Voice allows access and control of voicemail via the digital terminal display on the 1408 and 1416 series phones. Email Notification allows you to send an email containing either notification or the complete voicemail message.

New 1400 Series Digital Phones

PARTNER Version supports all current and “Euro” versions of PARTNER ACS telephones. PARTNER Version also introduces a new line of digital telephones – 14xx Series.


1403 Digital Telephone

The 1403 Digital Deskphone offers 3 administrable buttons with LED signalling. The 1403 is designed for “Walk Up” users with basic call needs.

1408 Digital Telephone

The 1408 Digital Deskphone offer 8 administrable buttons with LED signalling.The 1408 offers the most important functions via hardkey, three contextual softkeys and a headset jack.

1416 Digital Telephone

The 1416 Digital Deskphone offers 16 administrable buttons with LED signalling. The number of buttons can be expanded by 32 with each Button Module. The phones are developed for users with the need to see many extensions at a glance and dial with one fingertip. The white backlight of the display allows a very easy readability of the call information even when the surrounding is not really bright.

Avaya 3920 Wireless

Employees remain completely accessible, as though at their desk, while roaming through out the building. See up to six Lines.

New Partner Version Base Cards

The New Partner version IP-500 V2 Control Unit has (4) Cards slots that can be populated with these base cards. Also available are the Phone-2 and Phone-8 analog extension cards.

IP-500 V2 Combination Card ATM

·         Maximum 3 Per System
·         6 Digital Extensions
·         2 Analog Extensions
·         4 Analog Trunks
·         10 VCM Channels

IP-500 V2 ETR-6 Card

·         Maximum 3 Per System
·         6 ETR (Partner Telephones)
·         2 Power Fail Ports w/ ATM-4

IP-500 V2 DS-8 Digital Card


·         Max 3 per system
·         8 Digital Stations
·         Accepts 1 IP Office 500 Trunk Daughter Card of any type

Partner ACS Euro Series 2 Telephones

The sleek and modern Partner ACS Series 2 telephones have an improved button and handset design that continues Partner's excellence in design and usability.

Partner 6 Button Display

Partner Messaging R7The Partner 6D telephone has 4 buttons for lines and features. Comes with a display. Desk or wall mountable.

Partner 18D Telephone

wThe Partner 18D has 18 buttons that can be preprogrammed for specific lines, extensions or features. Our best seller.

Partner 34D Telephone

wThe Partner 34D has 32 buttons that can be preprogrammed for specific lines, extensions or features. 4