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Definity Telephone Systems call coverage provides a series of traffic flow paths to ensure that calls are routed and handled by proper designated extensions. This means that all calls will be handled by the proper people, even if it means redirecting them to an off premises source, such as a cell phone. G3 also has an automated attendant software that provides your business with even more flexibility. The attendant allows a caller to use a standard touch tone keypad to respond to a recorded menu of options and direct their own call to correct person or department. This will give your business the quality it needs and your customers demand.

Definity also offers Audix integrated voice messaging which works with your BCS by using the same power supply and screen formats, simplifying training and making administration easy.

Definity with the G3 processor also uses multimedia messaging solutions with both the Intuity Audix and Octel 100 to meet virtually any messaging solutions possible.

This system is designed with your future in mind. The system is expandable from the smallest configuration of 40 stations up to the total capacity of 25,000 stations. Definity has the ability to accept additional circuit packs while operating, so it can be expanded with additional office phones and T1 / E1 facilities during business hours without service interruption. To learn more about this system please feel free to give us a call.


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