Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix, Linux, Security Solutions, all strong partnerships that allow you to rely on Willmax Telecom for excellent solutions to the IT challenges you face. We have experience in large scale Active Directory rollouts, Multi-site VPN configurations, small office and Enterprise Citrix deployments, Wide area and local area network design, build, and advanced management. Whether you want to automate processes, run VoIP with confidence, or centralize control of your organization, we can help. We know how to deliver systems that maximize uptime, increase user satisfaction, and economize IT budgets, all at the same time. That's the value of experience!

Whether you want a review of existing systems to look for configuration improvements, or the resolution of possible security flaws, or want to discuss your readiness for future needs or the deployment of a new application, our qualified and experienced engineers can help, we are just a call away.

The services we offer include:

  • Application Deployment and Systems Integration
  • Active Directory - rollouts, mergers, migrations, tuning, and advanced group policy management.
  • Server Implementations and support
  • Office Systems - rollouts, support, and integration
  • Network Services - LAN, WAN, and Internet network services and support.
  • Advanced Network Services - BGP, VoIP, VPN, Traffic Shaping and bandwidth management, fault tolerant networking, VLAN configuration and more.
  • Desktop Support and Outsourcing
  • General IT Consulting Services

Call Willmax Telecom before you choose VoIP?

VoIP has arrived, but some firms turn it on and rave about it while others call it things like Static Over IP. Some say it's transparent and some say that call drops are frequent and they wish they had never done it. Why? Why are the results so different?

There are two common reasons:

First, not all solutions are the same. You need to understand the standards in place and how each vendor implements them. There are a few companies with very good solutions out there right now, and a lot more with gear that is almost ready for market. Knowing the difference makes all the difference in the world. Most all of them can be implemented successfully now, but knowing and addressing the requirements in advance is a must.

Second, not all networks are the same. Every single Voice Over IP project should start with a basic network review. DSL, Cable Modems, and dial-up are great ways to download email, but are rarely going to provide a business quality VoIP connection and should never be bet on. But what surprises more businesses is finding out that many current network LAN switches, point to point routers, and broadband (T1) ISP's do not properly support Voice Over IP yet. A lot of them do, but they require configuration and testing to be sure you are ready for a successful Voice Over IP implementation.

The services we offer include:

  • VoIP network certification - before you decide on a VoIP system, make sure your network can handle it. Make sure you know, in advance, exactly what you will need to get it right. Save the surprises and get it right the first time.
  • VoIP Network remediation and configuration consulting - hardware and services to make Voice Over IP run like traditional voice.
  • Voice Over IP Systems - we can work with our partners to help you select and implement the VoIP system that is right for you. We don't sell phone systems, and we don't take commissions on phone system sales. We simply work with best of breed traditional phone system vendors to help them deliver world class VoIP solutions to our clients.

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