Nortel Business Modular ICS Telephone Systems

nortel modular ics telephone systems, modular ics telephones, modular ics telephone systems, nortel modular icsFriendly, Intuitive Business Communications - The communications system that can do all this and more for your business is the Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System (ICS) from Nortel Networks.

Norstar is the world’s leading communications system for small to medium-sized businesses because it’s unlike any other communications system. Think of the Nortel Modular ICS telephone systems as your Unified Voice and Data Communications Gateway. NoNortel Modular ICS telephone systems offer your growing business an unparalleled product portfolio with value-added applications and productivity-boosting features that are simple to use. Time to expand? It’s easy to add phones, incoming lines, and sophisticated data capabilities as you need them. Plus, you decide when to grow your business by adding solutions like enhanced Voice Mail, computer database “screen pops,” and even Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to help you better route calls throughout your company. And that’s just for starters.

Powerful Solutions

Managing the hundreds of communications your business receives a day can be time-consuming and often frustrating. You and your employees spend so much time chasing messages, returning phone calls, and trying to figure out how to transfer information, that there’s little time left for other work.

There is a way to improve the way you communicate, so you can be more productive. The Nortel Modular ICS telephone system supports dedicated Internet access devices that make available to your business such powerful branch-to-branch solutions as data networking, desktop messaging, digital networking, complex call centers, WAN support, interactive voice response (IVR), and voice mail. Plus, your Norstar offers many advanced features to make your internal and external communications more efficient—features like Internal Messaging, so you can leave a message for another employee who’s on a call or away from their desk; or Call Log, which works with Calling Line Identification 1 to let you see who called while you were away from your desk. And every Norstar telephone has an integrated LCD Window, which lets you easily take advantage of Norstar features with a glance and the touch of a button.

Norstar is an expert at business communications, so your employees don’t have to be. What’s more, Norstar Modular ICS can be easily programmed to fit the way your business and each user communicates, so sales professionals who don’t want to accept phone calls during client meetings can program their phone for one-touch Do Not Disturb. Or if they want to forward calls to their home office, a button on their phone can be programmed to Forward. Your employees will see the difference right away; they’ll enjoy using Norstar, and you’ll enjoy their increased productivity.


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